See more ideas about george muller, george mueller, george. Without ever asking anyone other than god, he received over $7,200,000 dollars (in 1800's money) through prayer alone.

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The bible says that jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life” and that “no one comes to the father except through him” (john 14:6) and that there is “one mediator between god and men” who is the lord jesus christ (1 tim.


George muller bible quotes. So if you want to be heard by god and want to receive his promises, you Learn more about the muller center here. The result will surely be abundant blessing.

Two prayer tips from george müller: A man of faith and prayer. Quotes from 'the autobiography of george muller' here are quotes from 'the autobiography', where he narrates his journey from being a thief to a servant of god.

“i hope in god, i pray on, and look yet for the answer. Christian focus, 2001), or george muller,valuable selections from the writings of george muller (hannibal, mo: They are not converted yet, but they will be.” ~ george muller.

Sold out for jesus christ my lord and savior 💯💯 #christian #christianity #jesus #christ #love #god #bible…”. And so on, all the days of your life. And still again pray, and then work.

George muller, and the secret of his power in prayer. See more ideas about george muller, quotes, christian quotes. When god wishes anew to teach his church a truth that is not being understood or practised, ho mostly does so by raising some man to be in word and deed a living witness to its blessedness.

It is said that in his lifetime had around 5,000 documented answers to prayer which i found amazing. [1] facts and quotes are taken from roger steer, george muller: When god overcomes our difficulties for us, we have the assurance that we are engaged in his work and not our own.

See more ideas about george muller, christian quotes, george mueller. And so god has raised up in this nineteenth century, among others, george muller to be his witness that he is indeed the. Open bible before him, and his finger upon that promise, he would plead that promise, and so he received what he asked.

Müller's discovery was that after meditating on scripture he was more able to experience a meaningful prayertime “ the vigor of our spiritual life will be in exact proportion to the place held by the bible in our life and thoughts. See more ideas about george muller, christian quotes, quotes.

Here are 7 quotes to inspire your own life today: The greater the difficulty to be overcome, the more will it be seen to the glory of god how much can be done by prayer and faith. “september of last year for me.

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