From one clay has the creator made countless shapes, sizes and colours. May guru nanak dev ji bless you and your family with joy, peace, and happiness!

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Guru Nanak Devji's Teachings and the Mool Mantar

Equality and the oneness of humanity are key sikh principles.

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Guru nanak quotes on equality. He travelled around to spread the message that there is only one god. One must follow that way and reject the other. Guru nanak wanted men and women to be treated equally and his message was “so kyun manda aakhiye jit janmain rajjan”.

Guru nanak devji is not only the heritage of sikhism and india, but also an inspiration for the entire humanity. Death would not be called bad, o people, if one knew how to truly die. During guru nanak’s time, women were not given economic freedom, education, or independence, and were never seen in the political realm.

Guru nanak dev ji, the founder of sikhism and the first of the 10 sikh gurus, lived an eventful life full of wisdom. गुरु नानक देव जी के 50+ अनमोल कथन guru nanak dev ji quotes in hindi. Truth is the highest virtue, but higher still is truthful living.

Guru nanak dev is an idea and the basis of life besides being a teacher. When sikhism was founded, guru nanak’s decision to advocate for the equal status of women was revolutionary. अर्थात | guru nanak jayanti quotes:

Equality is key, we are all equal, regardless of caste, background & origin. Which will take you to your salvation.) this statement is so much more than just a few words strung together. When he was found his first utterance was.

From a woman a woman is born, none may exist without a woman. Guru nanak was a strong advocate for gender equality and raised his voice against discrimination against women. (o nanak, the name of waheguru is like a ship.

Perhaps guru nanak’s most quoted and well known verses in support of gender equality is the following: 1) “if there is one god, then there is only his way to attain him, not another. Sikhs are taught to engage in selfless service for others.

He was immersed under the waters of the kali bien river for three days. First is his emphasis on gender equality. Let no man in the world live in delusion.

Let the quran be good conduct. Guru nanak's thoughts, views and words have been catalogued in the form of 974 poetic hymns in ‘guru granth sahib’, the holy text of sikhism. Our traditions, culture, values, our upbringing, our mindset, our thoughts, reasoning and speech, everything has been shaped only by virtuous souls like guru.

Worship not him who is born only to die, but him who is eternal and is contained in the whole universe. Short guru nanak quotes and sayings “without the true lord, no one is his friend, reflect upon this as true.” —guru nanak “riches cannot be gathered without sin and evil means.” —guru nanak “he who has no faith in himself can never have faith in god.” —guru nanak “truth is high, higher still is truthful living.” —guru nanak 473) marriage is an equal partnership of love and sharing. The sikh holy book in the sikh holy book, sri guru granth sahib, guru nanak says:

2 examples of racism are inferiority of intelligence; With your hands, carve out your own destiny. Sikhism teaches that people of every race are the same and should be treated equally:

Tolerance is an essential sikh value. He is accredited with setting up a distinctive social, political and spiritual platform based on virtue, equality, goodness and love. This year, guru nanak’s gurpurab falls during the 16 days of activism to end gender based violence.

All are a part of creation, and all are equally close […] Let god’s grace be the mosque, and devotion the prayer mat. Saying a particular race is less intelligent than any other race and another example is someone insulting religious background.

(o nanak, the name of waheguru is like a ship which will take you to your salvation.) this statement is so much more than just a few words strung together. Guru nanak, the first sikh guru, had an experience of divine enlightenment. Without a guru, none can cross over to the other shore.

Attitudes to racism racism is a type of prejudice and is the belief that a specific or particular race is inferior to your own or any other in many different ways, such as intelligence. जीवन मे गलत कार्यों को करने से पूर्व उनके प्रतिफल का भय होना अतिआवश्यक है अन्यथा धरती पर पाप का बोझ इतना बढ़ जाएगा जिसकी हम कल्पना भी नहीं कर सकते। “accept all humans as your equals, and let them be your only sect.” throughout his life, guru nanak emphasized that no person can be “above” any other person;

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