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I compare my life with a comic book, and you are a superhero in it. “the best thing in the world is seeing them smile because of you.”.

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November 2014 Soaking Up The Son

Every dad can treat his daughter like a princess, but very few like you can teach their daughters how to take on the world like a queen.


I love you son quotes from dad. I can say the same about you if you are a son who takes more after your dad — and if it is so, these like father like son quotes are 100% for you! 37) our life’s seesaw swings on a fulcrum called son. “a child may outgrow your lap, but they will never outgrow your heart.”.

My back is strong to carry you, and my heart is full of love for you, always. Dad, my all the pleasures are with you; ∼ a son beams joy into the heart and soul, shining on me ’til everything’s gold.

Inspirational quotes for sons from mom and dad. I love you now and forever. You will always be my number one man, no matter where i go in life.

Your forgiving smile makes me forget all of my mistakes. ∼ the best thing about me is you, son. You want to create the best memories for your son.” — bill goldberg “no love is greater than that of a father for his son.” — dan brown ‘i love my son’ quotes.

A son is a blessing, a wonder, and a revelation that only a father or mother. Show a child just how strong your love is every minute of the day! ∼ you became a man in no more than a blink, as time flew away, and left me to think of all the ways you add joy to my life, my strong son.

Every quote holds something special read it you will love it and share it. I love you for raising me to be like you. We have collected some excellent i love you, dad quotes and sayings from daughter and son with images.

Features a 'to' and 'from' personalization page, making this sweet offering an ideal taylor renee beck Thank you for always guiding me in my life with patience and love. I love you dad quotes and sayings 01 “no music is so pleasant to my ears as that word―dad.”

Love quotes from parents to child. Studies show that when a baby, child, or teenager has a good father, that child will soar. My son is the best thing in my life.

I love my son, he is the greatest gift that has been given to me by the heavens above, really. I love you dad quotes from son. I will love you unconditionally and will always be there for you.

Inspirational dad and son quotes. You have given me so many reasons to be proud of the man you have become, but the proudest moment for me is telling others that you are my son. Like father like son quotes.

No matter how old your son is, but he will always remain as a child for you. If a man’s success is measured by how much his children love him, you are the most successful man ever. I am the luckiest son to have such an honest person like you as my dad.

“it is not flesh and blood, but heart which makes us fathers and sons.”. I love him with all my heart. I love you son, my arms were made to hold you, and my face was made to smile upon you.

Your parents love you so much, dear son! Dad, you showed me what it means to be a kind, humble and genuine human being. “no one prepared me for just how much love i would have for my child.”.

You do not need a special occasion to tell your son that you will love him always. Your smile is enough to make my day better. Be determined and have faith in yourself son.

Here are some i love you quotes for dad: So its time to adore your son by sending the below given quotes from father to son that have been carefull crafted by us to. “there is no love on earth greater than that of a father for his son.”.

Your dad loves you a lot. While raising my kids, i have lost my mind but found my soul. 36) you are a son to me, that to my father i couldn’t be.

I love you for always being there for me. My son, i closed my eyes for but a moment… I love you messages for your children.

38) i don’t see my own reflection in you. Go ahead, son, and change the world for the better, just as you have changed mine. Another adds, “you have blessed me/us in ways you can’t conceive.” a father writes i love you quotes for son to his son.

A dad is half of you, so he knows you better than you might even know yourself. I am lucky to have you as a son. A baby is something you will carry inside for nine months, in your arms for a few years, and in your heart until the day you die.

I wish you all the happiness in this world. He is my best friend. May love to surround you wherever you go.

You have made our life from ordinary to extraordinary. My loving dad, thank you for having such a strong faith in me and helping me to achieve my dreams. I see the reflection of the man i always wanted to be.

You have a special place in our hearts. Because whenever i get in trouble i am saved by a superhero ‘you.’. “as a father, you want the best for your son, quite obviously.

“it is the duty of the father to give his sons a good chance.”. To show that you love your kid unconditionally, quotes and sayings are the best. We’ll love you more than anyone in your life.

If you are a happy father with a son who strives to be like you, you will raise a happy son.

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