This selection is read on the feast or liturgical memorial of saint teresa of avila on october 15. I love reminding myself of the truths taught in scripture and seeking out snippets of wisdom from the saints.

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There in my laundry room, i was about to learn more of that famous wit.


St teresa of avila quotes few friends. You must believe that if you give up prayer, you are, in my opinion, courting danger (1:140). “lord,” she said, “if this is how you treat your friends…it’s no wonder you have so few of them!” it’s this blunt “realness” of her relationship with god that we have so much to learn from. Teresa of avila was a sixteenth century carmelite nun who led a significant reform of her religious order.

Her profound teachings on prayer are valuable for all christians today. Teresa remind us that sometimes laughter really is the “best medicine.” a healthy sense of humor will keep our head on straight, and make us able to see the beauty of the world. Teresa of ávila “my lord, it is time to move on.

After being thrown from the horse she was riding on and landing in a pile of mud and rain, she quipped to the lord: Saint teresa complained to jesus at being treated in this manner in the midst of trying to serve him. Quotes from teresa of avila.

“it is love alone that gives worth to all things.” —st. “(said of god):if this is the way you treat your friends, it's no wonder you have so few!” anfadh st. “it is certain that the love of god does not consist in experiencing sweetness or tenderness of heart but in truly serving god in justice, strength and humility.”.

Let nothing frighten you, all things are passing away: La santa teresa de ávila was reputed to have said: Teresa of avila quotes (spanish nun, mystic and writer,.

Here a five short quotes we can all learn from. When she complained to the lord about not wanting to give up her friends or their lifestyles, she heard jesus say, “this is how i treat my friends.” If this is the way you treat your friends, it's no wonder you have so few. perhaps my favorite of all of st.

If this is how you treat your friends, then it is no wonder you have so few of them. “no wonder you have so few friends.” the history of this quote is attributed to teresa’s response to the difficult cuts she was being asked to make with earthly things and people. He who has god finds he lacks nothing:god alone suffices.”.

One of my spiritual mentors, amy carmichael, also wrote about it during the early 20th century. This is how i treat all my friends.” she replied tartly, “no wonder you have so few!” st. Teresa always sought to know christ through prayer and obedience, love and.

This is how i treat my friends, teresa. wiping the mud from her face, she replied, no wonder you have so few! Be gentle to all and stern with yourself. Well then, may your will be done.

For prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with god. With her fiery spanish temper, teresa looked up to heaven and said to god, “if this is how you treat your friends, no wonder you don’t have many.”. The voice of jesus then came to her from the heavens:

She held up four fingers, enumerating four former friends on her journey in the spiritual life. Whoever has god lacks nothing; This quote by teresa of avila in the 1500′s shows that our struggle with god and suffering is nothing new.

Teresa of avila's quotes is this one: These st teresa of avila quotes will inspire you to change your lives for the better and provide you hope and strength in times of trials, hardships, and challenges. “o my god and my creator!

The author of the quote below was going through a. Teresa’s piety wasn’t a false one. Teresa of avila on friendship with jesus as the key to contemplation and the spiritual life and how all blessings, particularly contemplative prayer, come through the humanity of christ.

Patience attains all that it strives for. God save us from gloomy saints. this mystic, contemplative doctor of the church deeply understood the need. “trust god that you are where you are meant to be.”.

I was reminded of this by a quote i read on an internetmonk post.

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