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According to the addiction experts, for most people relapse is the norm and it is very common in the path of recovery. “i really feel bad for you that you have to go through something like this.” let the pity party begin!

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Dangers of using the recovering alcoholic label.

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What not to say to a recovering alcoholic. ‘i understand, i have a hard time at the holidays too,’” says steve g., 61, a recovering drug addict and alcoholic in albuquerque, new mexico. “this is not a sign of failure, this only means you might need more help”. As a result, they may believe that they’re unworthy of continued love.

“funny, you don’t look/act like an alcoholic/addict.” addiction is a disease that can affect anybody, regardless of race, age, social status, intelligence, or temperament. When a friend or loved one enters recovery for a drinking problem, it can be difficult to know what to say. “do you miss drinking?” your friend or family member is an alcoholic.

Listed below are some of the things that you should most certainly not say to a recovering alcoholic, if you are seriously interested in helping her find and retain permanent sobriety. “you went through alcohol rehab. It doesn’t matter whether it’s been one year or ten since they have been sober.

I’m happy to do anything to help. It’s important to acknowledge their accomplishment and encourage them to continue on their journey. Follow these seven tips on what not to say to your loved one in alcohol recovery.

What not to say to recovering alcoholics. So what are the words and the conversations that you can say to recovering or you should be saying to a recovering alcoholic? If going out to restaurants and drinking was a part of a person’s active addiction, it’s important to understand that something as simple as going to dinner with you can be triggering, so it’s considerate to ensure the alcoholic.

* it can mean that people begin to divide the world into us and them. We have outlined a few specific things to make sure to avoid saying to a recovering alcoholic: It cannot be emphasized enough that relapse is part of recovery.

Or better yet, let’s not. We may want to say something like: For example, you can say something like, “i’ve noticed that you used to love playing basketball with your friends, but now you spend more time on.

Instead, calmly call their attention to what you’ve observed by noting shifts in the other person’s actions, using specific examples. The path to recovery can be an emotional rollercoaster, which why it’s highly recommended that you attend therapist meetings or support groups to learn how to cope in various situations. * the individual may be encouraged to blame all their problems on their alcoholism.

So what do you do? Saying the right things helps. 1 “that’s not the right way to deal with your problems.”.

That support exists.” finally, don’t forget to take care of yourself, too. You want to be supportive and understanding but you don’t want to focus all of your attention toward the issue. “don’t [believe you must] be their therapist, their psychiatrist, and their [alcoholics anonymous] sponsor.

There are also things that you should try not to say to someone battling alcohol or drug abuse or in recovery. It's not so much what you say all the time but some of the things that you do. There are many things that you can say that will be supportive, helpful and even inspiring.

There are ways to show you care and want to be supportive. Remember that addiction makes people do and say things that are out of character. They may start to believe.

A fear of judgment makes someone afraid to open up about their problems for a couple reasons. They may fail to realize that every human has similar problems to deal with. When you have a family member or friend who is recovering from an addiction, you might not know exactly what to say to them as they approach a sobriety milestone.

You’re fine now.” instead say: Of course, no one expects you to say all the right things at all the right times. What he doesn’t miss is complete dependence on alcohol and the havoc it brings.

Be available so if they call you in the middle of the night you don't say, oh, you're just drunk again or oh, here it goes again. People in recovery are often dealing with feelings of guilt and shame related to how they treated others while they were actively abusing drugs or alcohol. The disadvantages of the recovering alcoholic label include:

Unless you’ve gone through the recovery process or work in a rehabilitation facility, chances are excellent you haven’t met as many addicts as the person in recovery has. Keep in mind that recovering from alcoholism requires the person in recovery to avoid the people, places and things associated with their addiction.

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